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SAP Calculations

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SAP Calculations

Kingspan Insulation's Technical Services Department can produce accredited SAP calculations

All new dwellings must have an assessment of energy efficiency performance (SAP), environmental impact (EI) and building regulations compliance undertaken at design stage, prior to works commencement on site.

SAP is the ‘Standard Assessment Procedure’ methodology used to produce a calculation and its resulting outputs are used to demonstrate to a Building Control Body (BCB) that a building will be constructed in compliance with appropriate regulatory guidance.

This calculation is then updated once the house is physically complete, to produce an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for the finished dwelling and to show that the completed property complies with the regulatory requirements.

EPC’s give owners, potential buyers and tenants an indication of the energy efficiency and carbon emissions of a home under standardised occupancy and heating patterns and include recommendations as to how a dwelling could be improved further.

The energy calculation takes into account a range of factors that contribute to energy efficiency:

  • The building's form, volume and area of exposed elements
  • The thermal insulation of the building fabric
  • The heating and hot water system and controls
  • The materials used in the construction (thermal mass)
  • Detailing at junctions (linear thermal bridging)
  • The level of air tightness of the building
  • The ventilation system used in the building
  • The amount of low energy lighting
  • The fuels used to provide heating, hot water, ventilation and lighting
  • The glazing type and orientation (solar gains)

Our accredited assessors can undertake energy calculations on request as part of a charged for service, which can guide the customer through the relevant building regulations requirements and offer advice where initial proposals may fall short of compliance.

In order to undertake calculations, construction drawings including plans, sections and elevations are required, together with proposed specifications for all of the above elements.

On completion of a build, those calculations can then be updated with further information, in order to produce Energy Performance Certificates for new build completed dwellings.

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