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All the information you need, whenever you need it.
Kingspan Insulation offers a range of Technical Services for domestic and DIY projects covering an extensive list of topics. The majority of the resources are available whenever you need them - see below for a full guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to insulate a garage conversion
  2. What is a floating floor and how do you insulate it?
  3. How to mount a TV on insulated plasterboard
  4. What's in a 'value'? Find out more about U-values, R-values and lambda values.
  5. Can you fix insulated plasterboard to existing plastered walls?
  6. How to insulate a suspended timber floor
  7. Why you need two layers of attic insulation
  8. How to calculate the amount of insulation needed for a ground floor
  9. How to run pipes through insulation
  10. How to insulate a basement

All Resources

Guide to Insulation
All the questions you ever had about insulation but were afraid to ask. This guide covers it all, from how insulation is made to building regulations to common projects at work and home. This guide should answer most of the questions you have about our insulation – if it doesn’t get in touch. Read the basic guide to insulation here.

Building Regulations
A web page devoted to building regulations and how these apply to insulation, as well as up-to-date guides which cover all the latest English, Scottish and Welsh building regulations. The webpage also contains a table which allows you to quickly look up the U-value you need to meet in a specific location for a specific application.

U-value Calculator
When you know what u-value you need to meet the free, easily accessible online u-value calculator allows you to work out exactly what type and thickness of insulation you need to meet this. You can change the thicknesses and build-ups until you are happy with the U-value achieved, then your calculation can be emailed to you as a PDF, ready to show building control. All the calculations on this have been carried out by a BBA competent person and are checked for risk of condensation. Access the U-value Calculator here.

Product Literature
Each product on our website has a product information brochure which covers build ups, and instructions for site work, number and locations of fixings where appropriate, and specific standards and approvals. They are all found on the product information page of our website, or in the literature section. Hard copies are available upon request.

Kingspan Insulation Blog
The blog has a range of topics, including advice on specific applications and projects including garage conversions, basements, loft conversions, with a search function to easily allow you to find the topic you need. It also covers regulations, how to guides as well as technical information on a range of topics from what is a P/A ratio to ventilation for flat roofs.

Knowledge Base
The website knowledge base has more in depth information about particular key aspects of our products and insulation in general, from flood resilience to flat roof drainage and government initiatives.

Kingspan Insulation products can be bought through our stockists. Find out the details of your nearest stockist.

Domestic Technical Service Advisors
During working hours (08:30 – 17:00, Monday – Friday, excluding Bank Holidays) general technical advice is available via email or phone to our dedicated domestic technical service advisors. When contacting technical services, to speed up your request, please make sure you have checked the U-value calculation information page to make sure you have the required information to hand. The domestic technical service can be contacted by calling 01544 387 382.