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Optim-R: optimum performance rigid vacuum insulation panel

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Thermal conductivity
(insulant thickness)
0.007 W/m.K (aged design value)
Compressive strength at 10% compression
160 kPa
 Product Thickness 20 - 60 mm
Product Length 300 - 1200 mm
Product Width 300 - 600 mm

Kingspan OPTIM-R is a vacuum insulated panel (often called a VIP). Unlike other commonly available insulation, OPTIM-R has unique benefits:
  • Declared (aged) thermal conductivity of 0.007 W/m∙K
  • Provides an insulating performance that is up to five times better than other commonly available insulation materials
  • High levels of thermal efficiency with minimal thickness
  • Over 90% (by weight) recyclable
  • Ideal for constructions where a lack of construction depth or space is an issue
  • Available in a range of sizes and thicknesses
  • Suitable for use in a variety of OEM applications
  • If installed correctly and protected from damage and penetration, can provide reliable long-term thermal performance over the lifetime of the building.




OPTIM-R Brochure

OPTIM-R Roofing System

OPTIM-R Rainscreen System

OPTIM-R External Wall System

OPTIM-R Balcony & Terrace System

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Case Studies

Buckingham Road - Leeds

Bath Spa University, Bath

Cheltenham House, Cheltenham

Falmouth Farm - Cornwall

Caldmore Community Primary School - Walsall

Meadowfields - Thirsk

Pantile Avenue - Southend-on-Sea