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Issues to Consider - Whole Life Cost

Whole life cost analysis of differing HVAC ductwork specifications

In the construction industry, developers, funding bodies and manufacturers have historically focused on achieving a low capital cost in order to improve profits. However, for buildings that are let / rented out under contracts, which include ongoing maintenance and services provision by the lessor, or for buildings developed for forward thinking clients, operating cost can be as just important as capital cost in building design.

'Whole life costing' takes account of the total cost of an item over its life, including, but not limited to, capital, operating and maintenance costs.This white paper details the analysis of the whole life costs of differing insulated HVAC ductwork specifications. The findings show that:

  • The Kingspan KoolDuct System can provide a capital cost saving of over 21%; and
  • over a 30 year life cycle, The Kingspan KoolDuct System can provide an operating and whole life cost saving of over 20%.
Download the Whole Life Cost White Paper.